• Controls Consulting, Design, Installation and Service
    SWFTEC has 31 years of experience in the controls industry in Dayton, Ohio U.S.A. the birthplace of aviation. We can do systems using Pneumatic, Electric, Electronic, Analog and various Direct Digital technologies. Systems can use Conventional, Fuzzy Logic, Neural Net, Expert System, Model Based and/or Simulation Based control methodologies.

  • Energy Management - Special demand reduction algorithms to minimize loads.

  • Computer Software
    SWFTEC has software production capabilites. We mostly use Visual Basic and Assembler for our applications. Recently we've added Palm OS capabilities using NSBasic. Some of our products include:
    **Updated** SWFTEC Graphic Program Generator An automatic program generator with many applications. Build programs by placing symbols on a drawing.
    **Updated** SWFTEC Graphic Interface System A web-browser-like graphic user interface. This program supports RS232 serial communication to any controller with an ASCII text terminal type interface. Direct support for VT100 and teletype modes. Also does http:, ftp:, TCP/IP, UDP and E-Mail under script control. Has a special scripting language which makes it easy to customize. A very powerful Graphic User Interface.

  • Design equipment to work with Industry Standards
    We have electronic design and prototyping capability. We have done several designs which are compatible with Johnson Control's **Updated** N2OPEN protocol.

  • Embedded Controllers
    SWFTEC can apply embedded controllers to solve your product design, interface and control problems. We also sell some ready made solutions. We can utilize a number of different processors but tend to use Microchip's PIC Processors for most applications. Some examples include: Special Application PC Mouse Controller I.C.s and the N2OPEN protocol above

  • Hardware Design, Mechanisms, Robotics, Interface & Sensing
    We have electronic design and prototyping capability. We can also engineer and build mechanical devices and systems. This includes a wide range of things including Vehicles and Simple Robots.

  • Physical Models and Interactive Displays

  • Computer Models and Simulation Here is an example using our software.

  • Virtual Reality Modeling, 3D capture, and Stereo stuff SWFTEC is developing a line of products for Artificial Vision Applications.

  • Events - TECHFEST

  • Aids for the Handicapped - Special PC Mouse Controller I.C.s

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