SWFTEC Graphic Program Generator Plant

A simple Air Handling Unit Diagram
The current Plant-Equipment Symbol Set

Above is the current Plant-Equipment Symbol Set that comes with the Graphic Program Generator. Programs, models or simulations and/or parts list... can be built from these type drawings. We do not have complete attribute file sets available for purchase that do this at the moment but in-house sets have been used for this type application for years. We are working on the set for creating Plant-Equipment models that run on our Graphic Interface System and may produce a set that produces models that run on standard web browsers using one or more of the available scripting languages such as VBSCRIPT or JAVASCRIPT.

The SWFTEC Graphic Program Generator works with Microsoft Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP ,Vista, Win7, (Win8 and 8.1 need testing) and Windows 10 Operating Systems

The price for the SWFTEC Graphic Program Generator software is $75.00 USD without an application attribute file set and $100.00 USD with an application attribute file set. Both versions include the Symbol Packer utility for making your own symbol sets from *.bmp files and come with example symbols sets.

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