Graphic Program Generator Attribute Files

The ADD Function from the Control Model Application (produces SWFSCRIPT)
The Duct Temperature Sensor from the Plant Model Application

An attribute file is a program module that performs the function represented by a symbol. The language used in the generated program is determined by the language in the attribute files. The association of a symbol with it's attribute file is done through the attribute file name. As an example the attribute file for symbol RCFAN.BMP would have RCFAN.ATR as it's name. The attribute files are standard ASCII files that utilize an embedded code to control program assembly, instance specific code, and interconnectivity. There is a maximum of 1000 lines allowed in an attribute file. Each line in an attribute file starts with a hyphen `-'. The next character is either a space or the start of a command. The number of spaces between the hyphen and the command start is the `start of line offset'. It is utilized with the -I `IF', - E `END IF' construct to provide conditional execution of the offset commands. The SWFTEC Graphic Program Generator Help files contain the complete attribute file language for developing your own applications.

Graphic Program Generator diagrams are saved as ASCII Text files which specify the locations on the diagram of text and symbols and the symbol set used in the diagram. These files are very compact. The diagrams can also be saved as *.BMP files for use in other applications such as in the Graphic User Interface and printed for documentation.

If you have new applications for Graphic Programming contact SWFTEC via E-Mail. We encourage OEMs to develope attribute and symbol file sets for their own products and SWFTEC will work with them to deliver a complete solution to their customers.

The price for the SWFTEC Graphic Program Generator software is $75.00 USD without an application attribute file set and $100.00 USD with an application attribute file set. Both versions include the Symbol Packer utility for making your own symbol sets from *.bmp files and come with example symbols sets.

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