3D Test Cameras

Stereo NTSC Split ImageLooking at an old PCDisplay View
Stereo Digital Math TestStereo Digital Math TestEarly Orientation Labeling Test

SWFTEC is developing software and hardware for real-time processing of visual information to extract 3D models and analyse the 3D information for various applications. The primary hardware will be camera module assemblies. The above pictures show two circuits that have been used to test different aspects of the vision processing problem. The first circuit used two CMOS, NTSC analog output camera modules with a hybrid analog-digital processing circuit. The timing was controlled by a digital circuit and the actual video processing was done by an analog circuit. This performed as an automatic split image range finder. The joystick was used to select an area of interest to measure the distance to. The second circuit has two digital output CMOS camera modules. Its an all digital circuit that was used to test some high speed math processing methods. There is a third version, that is not shown, which is a single digital CMOS camera module processor that was used to test some other methods. A fourth version is now in the works.

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