Simple Electric Heater Model and PI Control Simulation

We are completing work on the HVAC Plant Models for creating simulations of both the controlled plant and the control system. We have completed the control side with a set of attribute files for our Graphic Program Generator that are compatible with the symbol set used with our WinPRO/HVACPRO Application Builder. This allows simulation and testing of control processes without the hardware. In this application of the Graphic Interface System the SWFSCRIPT scripting language is used to run the models. The HTML pages including graphics and scripts are created using our Graphic Program Generator, a general purpose tool. In the example shown above the Plant side HTM page was loaded. It then opened another browser window and loaded the control side HTM page. Both pages began executing their scripts. They operate with their own local variables and send data between each other using global variables. In the example the electric heating coil is controlled by the PI controller to maintain the DAT, Discharge Air Temperature at 62.0 degF. After achieving setpoint the setpoint is changed to 85.0 degF. The Trend Graph shows the response. The green line is the electric heater command, the red line is the Discharge Air Temperature as read by the temperature sensor. Current price of the SWFTEC Graphic Interface System is $100.00 USD including a graph plotting utility. The price of the SWFTEC Graphic Program Generator is $100.00 USD.

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