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IMG3D ScreenVRML PANE Model Animation

SWFTEC is developing software and hardware for real time processing of visual information to extract 3D models. As part of this work we have written a few simple programs to test different camera control, 3D capture, data representation, storage and presentation methods. This program provides functions to produce ranging information and simple VRML models from a pair of photographs. The program is limited to parallel views. The user can enter the spacing between the two camera positions and the camera optical characteristics. The program uses image matching to measure the disparity of rectangular areas in the views. It then calculates the range data from the disparity data and can build a simple VRML file from the results. The animation was recently produced using Internet Explorer as the VRML Viewer. This was not the VRML viewer used when we did the program five years ago. There are now some wierd rotated PANE textures that weren't there before. You'll notice that some of the PANEs are accurately placed but some are way off in this early program. Sometimes features at different distances are present within one rectangular area and the resulting ranging might lock on to one feature or the other or try to average them. To better view the animation and see the scene as an more solid object lean back from your monitor.

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