Generate 3D - Interlaced Stereo Function

1909 Signal Corps Flyer at the Air Force MuseumEAA Spirit of St. Louis Replica at Green County

SWFTEC is developing software and hardware for real time processing of visual information to extract 3D models. As part of this work we have written a few simple programs to test different camera control, 3D capture, data representation, storage and presentation methods. A "side" function which was added to the Generate 3D program provides for creating interlace stereo from a stereo pair of photographs or a stereo pair of views. Interlace Stereo can be viewed using LCD shutter glasses such as those available from IO Display Systems at Look at their 3D Glasses and while your there look at the 3D video system. Connect your glasses to the PC as shown in the instructions that come with them. Try flipping the S-R switch both ways to find which gives a proper 3D view. Stereo pairs can also be viewed on PCs using page flipping mode. This provides a better looking picture. The NVidia Graphic cards have a driver available at that provides a Stereo page flipping mode viewer.

XB70 landing gear at the Air Force MuseumFlowers

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