N2 bus to X10 powerline carrier interface.

This product of SWFTEC allows the Johnson Controls Metasys System to interface to 256 devices on an X10 compatible system. X10 compatible systems include the Radio Shack wireless security systems, Radio Shack "Plug'n Power" modules, Leviton products, most Home Automation Systems and many Energy Management Systems and of course, X10 equipment. The points can be mapped in as Binary Inputs and/or Binary Outputs. Points are designated as 1 through 256 which is offset to 0 to 255 which is an eight bit number. The top four bits designate the X10 House Code and the bottom four bits are the device number . A translation table is provided. There are three pieces to the interface. The plug in power adapter, the interface electronics box, and the TW523 Two -Way Power line Interface. (see pictures). The interface electronics box connects to the power line using a phone cord to the TW523 which is opto-isolated. The interface has a terminal strip for the N2 Bus connection.

The N2 to X10 Interface uses the Johnson Controls N2 Open Protocol. If your interested in developing N2 Open Protocol devices SWFTEC can provide assistance.

The N2 to X10 Interface is built using the MICROCHIP PIC 16C84 processor. This is a low cost, easy to use 18-pin microcontroller.

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