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SWFTEC is developing software and hardware for real time processing of visual information to extract 3D models. As part of this work we have written a few simple programs to test different camera control, 3D capture, data representation, storage and presentation methods. This program provides functions to manually create simple voxel models and view them from any perspective. There is also a voxel model capture function to create a model automatically from a series of pictures. The voxel models are usually based on a one inch cube voxel that can be one of 128 colors or transparent. The viewer is a simple raytrace implementation. The user can set the azmith, elevation, X, Y, and Z coordinates of the "camera". This program doesn't have the camera rotation. The user can also set the camera optical characteristics such as field of view. The program supports a simple scripting language which can be used to produce animations such as the one above. The interpolate script function provides for setting initial and ending camera position and orientation and the number of frames to generate on the way. The animation above was defined by multiple interpolate functions in one script file. The raytrace resolution was set rather coarse in this example. About 1/2 inch. Inputs to the program are voxel model files, *.bmp files and script files. Outputs are voxel model files and picture sequences created from running a script.

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