Three different size control symbol sets work with the attribute files
Secondary Pump Control

This example uses the control symbol sets developed for the WinPRO/HVACPRO Application Builder used to program Johnson Controls Inc. ASC controllers.

The control diagram is a Secondary Pump System control. It can be loaded into an AS-UNT141-1 controller. The system is turned on with the SECENA input. Both pumps can be run if the TWOSEC BD parameter is set. Otherwise the pump selected by the SLWP parameter is the lead pump. Either pump 1 or pump 2. When either pump runs the PI controller outputs a 0 to 10 volt signal to control both VFDs for the pumps. If the lead pump fails as detected by the pump status or a low system pressure then the other pump becomes the lead and the alarm is set.

For an understanding of the symbol functions used in the control diagram go to the WinPRO/HVACPRO page and download the Application Manual. The functions used with the JCI controllers are used in the simulation/modeling application but are implemented in SWFSCRIPT for the GIS.

The price for the SWFTEC Graphic Program Generator software is $75.00 USD without an application attribute file set and $100.00 USD with an application attribute file set. Both versions include the Symbol Packer utility for making your own symbol sets from *.bmp files and come with example symbols sets.

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