Generate 3D - Model Builder & Picture Processor

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SWFTEC is developing software and hardware for real time processing of visual information to extract 3D models. As part of this work we have written a few simple programs to test different camera control, 3D capture, data representation, storage and presentation methods. This program provides functions to produce 3D models of various types from a series of pictures, point cloud files and/or scripts. It also provides some picture processing functions such as shifts, rotations and interlace stereo picture production. Once a model has been produced the program allows for viewing it from any angle, angles that may have never been photographed. This program has six degrees of freedom including rotation. Early versions of this program operating in semi-automatic mode have produced models accurate to 0.02" in a 10' cube. The current version generates proprietary format model files but future versions will support standard formats and there will be converter programs available. The program also can be used to produce picture files from any view. This includes stereo pairs. Click on the interlace stereo link to view a collection of interlace stereo photos that have been produced using the program.

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