Ken Normand - Aerospace ConsultantThe Wright Flyer's "Undulation" Problem

Ken Normand, an aerospace consultant, does a great job with the students. Ken is an ICOD member who demonstrates to the students the difficulty in flying the Wright Flyer and explains how it is different from most airplanes. The picture is from the on board video camera.

Stephen Frey wrote a paper on the flyer's "undulation" problem for the 2003 anniversary of the Wright's 1903 flight. He has given a number of presentations on the Wright Flyer stability problems and the fixes the Wrights discovered. Right click here to download a copy of the paper in *.pdf format.

Fuel Cell Car Interactive DisplayThames & Kosmos Fuel Cell Car Kit

The Fuel Cell Car Interactive Display is based on the Thames & Kosmos Fuel Cell Car & Experiment Kit. This is an excellent kit to learn about electricity, electrochemistry, solar cells, and fuel cells. The kit includes a reversible Hydrogen-Oxygen PEM type fuel cell which is used to generate the hydrogen and oxygen from distilled water using power from the solar panel in electrolysis mode and provide electrical power to run the car's drive motor in fuel cell mode. SWFTEC mounted the kit in an enclosure with a transparent top and front but open sides and back. This provides protection from fingers but gave good ventilation to the system. We added a battery pack and control switches. One switch selects the battery pack for electrolysis, the solar panel for electrolysis, or no electrolysis and the other switch turns the motor on and off. This demo has also been at TechFest each year.

SWFTEC can produce interactive displays for your event, museum or product demonstration. Contact SWFTEC using the link below for more information.

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