N2 Open Protocol Projects

SWFTEC has developed several devices for use on Johnson Controls Inc. N2 bus. We can design special N2 devices to your specification or you can utilize our Graphic Program Generator Technology to produce a special WinPRO configuration file for use in a standard Johnson Controls ASC device. This is often more cost effective. If you are interested in creating an N2 device yourself you'll need the N2 Protocol Documentation. This is only available from Johnson Controls. Right click on this link to download a copy of Johnson Control's N2 Protocol order form.

We did an N2 to X10 interface a long time ago. More recently we did a 64 switch rack mounted panel for a lighting control project.

Our latest N2Open Protocol Product is the SWFTEC N2DSP01 N2 Bus Data Display Module. This is a very flexible display control module that grabs data from the N2 bus, formats the data and sends it to a wide variety of display types. Everything from simple one line LCDs and VFDs to fancy Color Graphic Displays and TV displays. Works neat with a 15 inch LCD TV Panel. Price is $150.00 single unit quantity. Check it out.

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